LEGO LibrarianA few months ago when I was out shopping, I picked up a LEGO mini-figure for Caleb as a surprise. If you don’t know how mini-figures work, they are purchased unassembled in unmarked little packages (made of foil, so you can’t see through), and you never know which little guy you will end up with until you get home (or past the checkout counter) and open the package. I felt around through every package, hoping to pick out a really cool one that Caleb would love (this series included a Roman soldier, Medusa, and a paintball player). When Caleb opened the package at home, however, inside was the mini-figure pictured above.

Hermione? I thought. Wish I’d gotten her for myself!

But Caleb said, “It’s a librarian. I think she looks like you.” And he put her together and stood her up on his desk.

This was a while ago, before we graduated college, got married, and moved out into the scary world on our own. A week ago we were still both jobless, as we’d been in the area only a week and half. What reminded me of this little LEGO librarian, however, was that I was hired to do the first and only job I applied for during that week and am now a Youth Services Librarian!

Sometimes (often), life is a lot more exciting and a lot less scary than grownups say it is.

P. S. – The LEGO Movie was “awesome”! I love 1980-Something Space Guy more than anything! It’s true.  I’m so glad he got to build his SPACESHIP!

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