The Christmas season is a time of peace that passes understanding, tidings of comfort and joy, good cheer, and general happiness for many.

I love looking around and seeing the twinkling lights on pine trees and rooftops, wreaths hung up on doors and garlands on fences, Christmas carols playing on the radio, on tv, in the mall. Generosity makes an anuall field day during this time; strangers buy gifts for those they don’t know and go out of their way to provide for those in need. Shoppers pause in silence out of respect for a seven year old who focuses on playing his piano carol. Bells jingle and laughter peaks through the air.

Christmas has got to be the most wonderful time of the year.

But it’s not that, for everyone. Some need comfort before they can have joy.

A few weeks ago as I scrolled through my news feed I saw the news that some friends had lost their premature baby girl. The pregnancy had been fine until a few days before, when doctors recommend a c-section at 23 weeks and delivered the tiny girl. She didn’t live long, and her parents have been both devastated and doing their best to rely on God’s healing, joy and peace.

The very next post as I scrolled down was a photo of my 2 month old niece and her beaming mother beside their Christmas tree.

This struck me as so true of this season. I encourage you to look around and choose to see , yes, the baby by the Christmas tree, but also the tree with an empty cradle beside it. This sentiment doesn’t only apply to babies and which ones are healthy and which ones are not. Many people struggle to enjoy all the wonder if this season for all kinds of reasons. This is a simple reminder not to let your gaze cloud when you see them, not to walk by pushing thoughts of them far from your mind.

Focus your mind on them instead, and do what you can give them even a tiny reason to celebrate the Christmas season. It might just make your season a little brighter, too.

Comfort AND Joy
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