1. Construction can cause traffic jams anywhere.

2. The sidewalk outside the Village does not get plowed.

3. It is possible to walk to Where the Sidewalk Ends in every direction.

4. The sidewalk can get you to a lot of places, but the library might not be one of them.

5. Even small towns have litter (empty cigarette box, soggy packing peanuts, fast food burger wrappers).

6. There are still enough smokers in Michigan for their cigarette butts to fill the cracks in the sidewalk.

7. They should hire puppies to clean up litter – no back pain and the dogs get a kick out of it.

8. No one else walks their dog at lunchtime on Tuesdays.

9. You cannot get coffee in the Village after 3:00pm.

10. Santa is beheaded on January 20th.


10 Things I’ve Learned About Living in a Small Town by Walking in Mine
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