1421006479267One week ago: the last time the temperature in Berrien County was over 32 degrees – probably for the rest of the winter season. Me being me, I already have cabin fever, which I’ve temporarily soothed by reading the Square Foot Garden and beginning the process of planning out this year’s vegetable garden. But a week ago, as I sensed the winter coming full force around the bend, I went on a (milder) winter’s walk with my beloveds.

1421006908354Warren Woods is a State Park near Three Oaks, Michigan – the woodsy, lesser known companion park to Warren Dunes. It is a primeval forest full of birch and oak trees, and it made for a lovely new year outing. Only one set of tracks – human – went down the path before us, and they were filled in with enough snow that we knew we’d have the forest to ourselves.

Juliet’s experience with snow is limited to our yard, so she had a blast traipsing around in the cold stuff, and through a few hollow trees.

1420403320569It was a perfect winter walk, ending with a warm drink and a nice nap at home. Now winter can hurry up and be over, so the real fun can begin. 🙂



Walking in Winter
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